Your web and mobile development workflow, improved.

Our tools help you make sure that you deliver the best possible web and mobile product to your customers. They speed up your responsive web testing, give you more capabilities during development and simply make your office look awesome!

Use Ghostlab to perform synchronized responsive web testing across multiple devices and browsers, inspect and debug remote devices, and build your site with integrated preprocessors like Sass or Jade. And in case you’re wondering, it works on Windows and Mac.

The Device Lab responsive stand takes care of your mobile devices setup. It keeps your desk organized and tidy and makes sure your mobile devices are always ready to perform. And while we’re at it, why not add some eye candy to your office?

Vanamco was established in 2011. Our focus is on building software products that help our customers achieve their goals quicker, more effectively, and in style.

We’ve been working in the web and mobile environment for a while – from building community platforms, state-of-the-art websites and iPhone apps to implementing backend APIs that handle large amounts of product data. We know how hard it is to keep delivering high quality products in a complex field, with ever changing technologies and challenges.

During the summer of 2012, while we were building and testing a new platform we’d developed for a client, we noticed how much time we wasted in our development effort because our quality assurance process (a.k.a. testing) wasn’t effective. We realized that we’d need some way of organizing the numerous devices we were testing on so that they would be readily available whenever we needed them. In fact, if there was a way to always have them in front of us, displaying whatever section of the site we were working on at the time, we’d be able to completely integrate testing into our development workflow.

After some initial experiments, we decided we’d give it a go, and started developing both the hard- and software that could achieve our ideal responsive web testing setup. A little more than half a year later, we launched Ghostlab, a software that keeps any number of connected web clients in sync during development and testing. And in October 2013, we were finally able to start delivering our Device Lab, a responsive testing stand.

Ever since, we’ve continued our development of Ghostlab and Device Lab, adding new features that make responsive development easier. We hope you can profit from it.