Chris Harris is the winner of the Geek Quiz!

Chris Harris will be rewarded with a FREE Ghostlab license.

Well done Chris, you have completed the Geek quiz and got all the answers correct.

Here is a bit more about him:

“I am a musician (most recently of Destroyer ( and student in the Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) program at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

I am also a freelance web developer, currently working for the Internet Society, with a passion for all things front-end. For personal projects I like to use Node, AngularJS, Jade, SASS, Gulp, Bower and some combination of PhantomJS/CasperJS/Karma/Jasmine/Mocha for testing.

I’m grateful to Vanamco for the license and excited to start integrating GhostLab into my development and testing workflow!”

If you want to connect with Chris, you can reach him at:


Here is the questions and Chris’s answers for all of you who completed the quiz.


We want to thank all the other participants who took the test and proved to be great Geeks as well!

We will keep you posted on the next one.

Stay tuned!

The Ghostlab Team