Javascript Quiz – Win a FREE Ghostlab License


We recently worked with Chris Coyier at to create an in-depth tutorial on Javascript Events!

To further test your knowledge of Javascript we put together a quiz with two awesome prizes!

The quiz for a Ghostlab licence is now closed.

Two winners were chosen to win a free Ghostlab license and one winner was chosen for an upcoming blog interview:

1st place: Sergio Lopes

2nd place: Mark Nicholson


Since we got such a good response from you all, we have opened up the quiz again, but without the free licence.

Here is the quiz, give it a try if you think your good enough! 😉 You just have to leave your email for the result.

[polldaddy type=”iframe” survey=”5C3B771608D7BA7E” height=”auto” domain=”ghostlab” id=”javascript-quiz”]

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  1. Jingqi Xie
    Jingqi Xie says:

    Question 10 has a problem:
    If this function were defined in strict mode (e.g. inside another function using strict mode), 1 would be alerted instead of 2.

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