I love my team – Convince your boss to buy the Device Lab

One of our biggest client sectors are agencies, they kitting out in-house developers with our complete testing solution called the Agency package. Even though they sell well and the package suites the agencies, developers working for these agencies keep asking us for a little help to convince the boss that they need this tool.

Below are only a few reasons why you need the Device Lab and we have also packaged them into a PDF: Convince your Boss PDF


1_ Bring order to chaos

Instead of having mobile devices floating around in your office, establish a professional setup with one or several mobile testing stations that keep your devices systematically organized, easily available and readily charged.

2_ Speed up your development

The Device Lab helps you go from landscape to portrait on all attached devices in two seconds – simply turn it around on your table (it has a small footprint) and you’re all set! Plus, you’re looking at your devices like if they were a display – that means you won’t have to clumsily switch from operating keyboard and mouse to holding your 599$ device.

3_ Don’t miss out on bugs

By keeping a full mobile testing environment readily available for everyone, there’s no excuse for not testing your projects on the platforms you require. For your developers, mobile testing will become easy and hassle-free, since they can simply grab the lab and have a go!

4_ Circulate your Lab

The Device Lab is portable, so once you’ve set it up, it is not bound to a specific desk. Any developer can simply pick it up and take it to her workplace, then pass it on once she’s done testing.

5_ Impress your clients

Show your clients you mean business with your responsive strategy and explain to them how awesome mobile testing has become since introducing the Device Lab. They will be thrilled when they see all their target platforms lined up and ready for testing in a stylish manner!

6_ Add some style

Besides saving you a great deal of time and hassle, the Device lab stands proud and stylish on any developers desk. You don’t develop your awesome projects on a rusty 486 computer either, right?

7_ Make a testing statement

Ever thought about why your developers miss out on testing for mobile platforms? It’s not because they’re lazy, it’s because they lack infrastructure. Invest into your Device lab and show your people that after building the latest and greatest of frontend fancy, it’s just as important to make sure it actually works!


I love my team you say? Show them!

How has the Device Lab helped you? Let me know in the comments below