Idea pool: your input, our challenge

For three years, our development of Ghostlab has been accompanied by our “Idea Pool” – an interactive feedback forum hosted on Uservoice that allowed everyone to post their ideas for future Ghostlab developments. By upvoting, ideas came on our radar and we’ve realized quite some of them.

We are moving the Idea Pool to our own infrastructure, and are looking to improve it’s features. This is why currently, we have paused the idea pool. But do not worry: we are working on getting it back in greater shape as soon as possible!

During the transition, we thought it would be cool to briefly think about the impact of the Idea Pool. First, let’s have a look at all the ideas we have implemented thanks to our users suggesting and voting them up. Note that as long as ideas are good, they don’t necessarily need a big number of votes…

Completed Features Votes Contributing User
Windows/PC Version 314 Anonymous
Synchronize JS event clicks 47 Luis Martins
Mouse to touch synchronization 34 darren
Add Master/Slave mode 18 Simon Bächler
Soft CSS refreshes 13 Luis Martins
Include VM name in browser list 7 Alan
Support SASS compilation 6 Asif Amin
Allow remote IE inspection 5 Yann
Add full screen mode 2 Anonymous
Add custom quick fill shortcuts 2 Anonymous

Of course, we haven’t been able to implement all the user ideas. But there are some that we are still working on. Currently, we’re actively developing a next major version, and the table below indicates some of the stuff we’re working on to bring out soon….

Feature we’re working on Votes Contributing User
Ubuntu/Debian Version 300 Jeremy “Jay” Zahner
Taking screenshots of device’s viewports in Ghostlab 167 Guillem Mazarico
Add HTTPS support to Ghostlab server 32 Maarten Manders

In essence, we want to say a big *thank you* to all of you who have contributed to our idea pool. It has inspired our development, and we are looking forward to continue the conversation to improve our software. The new idea pool will be online soon – and if, in the meantime, you have a brilliant idea that can’t wait, let us know via our contact form!