Ghostlab 3 is here

We’re excited to announce that Ghostlab 3 is now available! We’ve been working on it for the past year, and are happy to present you with some features we find to be really useful.

As before, Ghostlab 3 focuses on making your responsive, multi-client development and testing workflow more efficient and fun. You can simultaneously browse any site that you’re developing or testing on multiple browsers and devices. Scrolls, link clicks, form fills and basically any interaction you can imagine are synchronized across all clients. This means you can go through any web workflow on multiple clients at once.

But let’s get to the new stuff! And if you’re not into reading, just download the new Ghostlab and see for yourself.


Ghostlab allows you to take screenshots on any connected device. You can annotate and export the screenshots to document layout problems and communicate them fast and effectively.

A/B Testing

Use the A/B testing feature to compare two versions of a website that are same same but different! This can be your site in two language versions, a staging versus a production host, and much more. You can define any number of A/B test cases in the Site settings.

Remote Form Filling

We’ve added another form filling tool – Remote form filling. On any connected client, triple-click into (or use Ctrl-Space in) an input field – this will open a popup that lets you fill out this field on every connected client individually. Works not only for input fields, but also radios, checkboxes, and selects 🙂

Redone: Workspace feature

The Workspace feature is – well, quite redone. You can now configure your workspace in a convenient list, selecting browser, window position and size. And while the workspace is open, you can dynamically configure it to your pixel perfect needs.


Ghostlab can now run a secure server and let’s your devices connect via HTTPS. You can configure your certificates (including intermediate certificates) in the application preferences. Also, we’ve added support for client certificates. This means you can now run a tight ship in terms of security while having fun on the web!

Autoprefixing and Shell

We’ve added autoprefixing as an option in the preprocessors – you can now run autoprefixing after compiling Scss/Less/Stylus, should you want to. Also, you now have the ability to execute arbitrary scripts when certain files change (shell scripts on Mac, Batch on Windows).

Inspector upgrade

We’ve upgraded the dev tools, giving you features like debugging CSS animations, support for server-sent events, and a websockets tab.

UI Facelift

We’ve done a minor facelift of the UI, giving a better overview in the settings, and improving various minor things.

Wrapper update

We’re not really sure if you care, but: we have updated our native wrapper Zephyros, so even on a Mac, you’ll now be running Ghostlab on Chromium!


Pricing and Upgrade

A Ghostlab 3 license costs 49 USD, or 49 CHF if you’re shopping from Switzerland, or 45€ if you’re shopping from a Euro country.

If you own a Ghostlab 2 license, this license is not valid for Ghostlab 3, as it is a major version upgrade. However, we offer a discounted upgrade for Ghostlab 2 license holders.

  • If you have purchased Ghostlab 2 on or after January 1st, 2017, you receive a free upgrade to version 3.
  • If you have purchased Ghostlab 2 on or before December 31, 2016, you receive a 30% discount, amounting to a price of 34.40 USD (34.40 CHF, 31.50 EUR).

A coupon code for either the free or discounted upgrade is available in our store for every Ghostlab 2 license. It can be used exactly once,  and for the number of licenses as the license count on the license.

All Ghostlab 2 license keys have been made into coupons into our store. When you enter it, you will receive your discount as per the rules above. You can enter your license key upper or lower case. Example: GAWAE-FDUJM-P4S2A-YL9HF-7754S-VDNPH-3UX8A-35RYC-CRSNS-UWDWW-636VX-C3HMX-A3GJU-6UH8K-5K8E


Want to give it a spin?

You can of course try it for free! Please download the fully functional demo (valid for 7 days – only actual days of usage are counted) from our downloads page.