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Does Ghostlab support HTTPS?

Ghostlab 2 Ghostlab 3 Yes, Ghostlab supports sites using the HTTPS protocol, i.e., you can add both and as sites in Ghostlab. By default, Ghostlab’s own server serves the content over HTTP, though. If the site you’re testing uses a client-side protocol detection and forces a redirection to HTTPS, which will result in an invalid […]


Does Ghostlab include browsers?

Ghostlab does not include any browsers (i.e. Safari, Chrome, etc.). However, Ghostlab is able to launch any browser that is installed on your system – either directly, or inside a Virtual Machine. When you start Ghostlab, it will create a list of installed browsers and then make them available in the “Launch in browser” menu […]


Are Virtual private networks (vpn) supported?

vpn – In case your computer has an active VPN (virtual private network) connection, Ghostlab is still able to function properly. However, there’s a few things to keep in mind… Make sure that the Ghostlab server is actually running on the network interface that is connected to the VPN. You can select on which network […]


Why do browsers vanish from the client list and stop synchronizing?

Most likely, the page has “escaped” Ghostlab’s control. You can verify this by checking the URL in the browser bar. If it’s the regular URL instead of Ghostlab’s server URL (something like…), the “escape” happened. To prevent this from happening, usually it is enough to increase Ghostlab’s JavaScript rewriting level in the site settings: […]