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Clients: Overview and Inspection

Clients: Overview and Inspection Ghostlab lets you test your site on any client you have available – be it one of your web browser, your tablets and smartphones, or your network-connected TV set. Client overview In order to connect to Ghostlab, clients must be in the same local network as Ghostlab. Any client that is […]


Filling out forms

Filling out Forms Ghostlab can help you filling out forms quickly and effectively in various ways. When you start filling out a form manually on any connected client, Ghostlab will synchronize these events as any others, resulting in the form being filled out on all clients in the same way. While filling out forms, you […]



Screenshots Ghostlab allows you to take screenshots of any connected device. Please note that we are not talking about native screenshots (e.g. when you do a “Print Screen” on a computer, or press the respective button combination on a mobile phone). Ghostlab uses our own forks of html2canvas and Fabric.js to obtain a visual representation of the page currently […]



Workspace The Workspace lets you define a number of local browsers, including window size and positions, that you can open with one single click. If you no longer require the windows, you can also close them with one click. For the Ghostlab 2 workspace documentation, see our legacy documentation. Accessing the Workspace Say from time to […]



Preprocessors Preprocessors compile your Sass, Jade and Typescript projects (and some more) into browser-ready CSS, HTML and JavaScript. They can be enabled for projects that you serve locally from your file system. Apart form the preprocessors proper, there is the option to run Autoprefixing on your compiled CSS (if you check the Autoprefixer, it will […]


Sync Modes (Default, Presentation, Selective)

Sync Modes (Default, Presentation, Selective) By default, Ghostlab synchronises events across all connected clients in both directions. At times, this may not be desired, and this is why Ghostlab lets you change the way in which events are synchronised. In default mode, all events occurring on any connected client will be synchronised across all clients. In presentation […]


A/B Testing

A/B Testing With A/B testing, you can test websites in more than one version. Say you have a site in multiple languages, or a site that runs both in a staging and a production environment. The website should – apart from the language differences, or the technical limitations of the different server environments – behave pretty […]