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Upgrade from Ghostlab 1 to 2

Upgrade from Ghostlab 1 to 2 on Windows and with the regular Mac App Ghostlab 1.x and 2.x are independent, so they can be installed next to each other.It is not possible to update the version 1.x to 2.x. If you have version 1.x installed, simply install version 2.x from scratch (either by dragging from […]


Advanced Network Configuration

Advanced Network Configuration You can connect any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to Ghostlab as long as it is in the same network as the Ghostlab server. To connect a device, simply enter the URL under which the Ghostlab server is running (e.g. and open the page. When you are running Ghostlab in your network, […]


Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials (Click on the links for a video) Getting started with Ghostlab How to remote debug with Ghostlab Disabling synchronised scrolling Getting a Ghostlab console output Ghostlab intro


Clients: Overview and Inspection

Clients: Overview and Inspection Ghostlab is there to test your sites on any client you have available – be it one of your web browsers, your tablets and smartphones, or your network-connected TV set. Client Overview Any client connected to the active Ghostlab site will show up in the client list to the right. You […]


Workspaces: Convenient Test Setup

Workspaces: Convenient Test Setup Ghostlab includes the concept of workspaces. A workspace is a group of browser windows. The workspace feature allows you to quickly open up the browser windows defined as your workspace and get them to connect to Ghostlab. A default workspace with three browser windows is configured in Ghostlab. Important note: to allow Ghostlab to […]


Server Settings

Server Settings Debugger Settings This section allows you to configure the settings for the included remote inspection tool, Weinre. You can choose to activate or deactivate debugging alltogether, and assign the debugging interface a custom port if required. If you chose automatic port assignment, Ghostlab will simply start the debugger on a free port. You […]