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Fast-track support tips

Fast-track support tips We need good information to be able to help you effectively. Most problems can be fixed with...
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Connection Problems

Connection Problems Make sure that you entered Ghostlab’s server address correctly, e.g., by scanning the QR code  which opens when...
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Login/authentication problems

Login/authentication problems If you are facing problems with logins (e.g., the session isn’t persistent and you get logged out again,...
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My typekit fonts don’t work!

My typekit fonts don’t work! What to do? Typekit fonts are registered for certain domains – e.g. myawesomesite.net, or localhost,...
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License and Activation Problems

Are you having trouble activating your Ghostlab license? This article explains and solves the most common problems. The license key...
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Server Errors

EACCES If you get an EACCES error, this means that Ghostlab’s server can’t access a resource that it would like...
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