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Fast-track support tips

Fast-track support tips We need good information to be able to help you effectively. Most problems can be fixed with simple settings or adaptions to the network connection. Please, include one or more of the following in your support ticket: A detailed description of the problem and the desired result. The live site URL so […]


Connection Problems

Connection Problems Make sure that you entered Ghostlab’s server address correctly, e.g., by scanning the QR code  which opens when you click the small blue button at bottom right (see screenshot). If you entered the address manually, make sure that you didn’t forget the port number. Make sure that your computer and your mobile device […]


Login/authentication problems

Login/authentication problems If you are facing problems with logins (e.g., the session isn’t persistent and you get logged out again, the login doesn’t work at all), here are some tips to try to get it working: Increase the JavaScript rewriting level step by step and check if the login works with a setting; Turn off […]


My typekit fonts don’t work!

My typekit fonts don’t work! What to do? Typekit fonts are registered for certain domains – e.g., or localhost, or several. When you view a page via Ghostlab, you receive it from the Ghostlab server – which runs at your local IP address, e.g. When the page then tries to load the font, […]


My WebApp doesn’t work as expected!

Especially in more complex web applications you might come across situations in which the site fails to function correctly when loaded through Ghostlab, e.g., you get redirected to a wrong URL, a login doesn’t work, fonts don’t load as expected, the page “escapes” Ghostlab’s control and the interactions are no longer synchronized because of this. […]


I have trouble setting up WordPress…

I have trouble setting up WordPress… This article describes a sample set up of WordPress via Ghostlab, and emphasizes some of the most common pitfalls.We have our local computer ( running both WordPress and Ghostlab. Wordpress runs at the URL Ghostlab runs locally on port 8001, so its URL is In order to set […]


Server Errors

EACCES If you get an EACCES error, this means that Ghostlab’s server can’t access a resource that it would like to, typically a port. Please make sure that Ghostlab can use the port numbers listed in Ghostlab’s Preferences (search for “port”). If you are running security software (a firewall, antivirus software, etc.) that blocks ports, […]