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Ghostlab 1 Release history

Ghostlab 1 Release history Release history Use the in-app updater to get the latest version, or download at the Ghostlab...
  • 2014

Ghostlab 1 End User License Agreement

Ghostlab 1 EULA End-User License Agreement for Ghostlab End-User License Agreement (“EULA”) is a legal agreement between you (either an...
  • 1312

Update Settings

Update Settings Ghostlab has the ability to update itself – if you let it. If you want to make sure...
  • 1098

Client Settings

Client Settings The scrolling behavior comes in two variants: you can either tell Ghostlab to synchronize visible elements, or to...
  • 1105

Server Settings

Server Settings Debugger Settings This section allows you to configure the settings for the included remote inspection tool, Weinre. You...
  • 1384

Workspaces: Convenient Test Setup

Workspaces: Convenient Test Setup Ghostlab includes the concept of workspaces. A workspace is a group of browser windows. The workspace...
  • 1179
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