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I love my team – Convince your boss to buy the Device Lab

One of our biggest client sectors are agencies, they kitting out in-house developers with our complete testing solution called the Agency package. Even though they sell well and the package suites the agencies, developers working for these agencies keep asking us for a little help to convince the boss that they need this tool. Below are only a few reasons why you need […]

Web Design Inspiration – Collective #2

A collection of discoveries from the web design & web development community, curated by the Vanamco team. Enjoy our second collection! 1) Web Design Inspiration Socialist A beautiful and minimal website for the news socialist app. Organize the things you love. 2) Development Free Responsive Dashboard SVG pattern background, packed in a single CSS/SCSS file, yes […]

CSS Transition Tips

CSS Transition Intro   The transition property is a shorthand property used to represent up to four transition-related longhand properties. [css] .example { transition: [transition-property] [transition-duration] [transition-timing-function] [transition-delay]; } [/css] These transition properties make it possible to change element values over a specified duration, animating the property changes, rather than having them occur instantly. Here […]

Front End Developer Infographic – The Life Of A…

Who is a front end developer? What tools do they use? What skills do they need? Discover what it takes to become a successful front end developer with our new infographic “<The life of a front end developer/>” If you know somebody who can benefit from this infographic, someone who wants to become a developer […]

8 Tips To Become A Better Front End Developer

Whether you are a newbie or professional, chances are that some of these tips for developers will help you to bring your career as a front end developer to the next level. Here is the infographic: 8 tips to help you to become a better front-end developer. Click here for the high resolution version The infographic is based on the article found on Ihatetomatoes Check […]

How to save time and money with inhouse browser testing

A brand or company’s presence online is more important in 2014 than it ever has been before. The world is shifting towards an entirely virtual marketplace. As such, how a brand looks and interacts with their customers online is one of the key elements to continued success. With money and time to be invested, web […]