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Why do browsers vanish from the client list and stop synchronizing?

Most likely, the page has “escaped” Ghostlab’s control. You can verify this by checking the URL in the browser bar. If it’s the regular URL instead of Ghostlab’s server URL (something like…), the “escape” happened. To prevent this from happening, usually it is enough to increase Ghostlab’s JavaScript rewriting level in the site settings: […]

Mobile Devices don’t appear in the client list and actions aren’t synchronized

If you experience that mobile devices don’t show up in Ghostlab’s client list and actions aren’t synchronized (but your desktop browsers are there and get synchronized), the reason is most likely a network problem. If all the connected browsers disappear from the client list and the page isn’t synchronized anymore, please have a look a […]

Internet Explorer doesn’t appear in the client list and actions aren’t synchronized

If all your other browsers and mobile devices appear in the Ghostlab’s client list and are synchronized, and it’s just Internet Explorer that doesn’t, please make sure that you are using a version of Internet Explorer that is supported by Ghostlab (IE 9+); Internet Explorer isn’t set to compatibility mode. This will simulate a very […]

Server Errors

EACCES If you get an EACCES error, this means that Ghostlab’s server can’t access a resource that it would like to, typically a port. Please make sure that Ghostlab can use the port numbers listed in Ghostlab’s Preferences (search for “port”). If you are running security software (a firewall, antivirus software, etc.) that blocks ports, […]