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Idea pool: your input, our challenge

For three years, our development of Ghostlab has been accompanied by our “Idea Pool” – an interactive feedback forum hosted on Uservoice that allowed everyone to post their ideas for future Ghostlab developments. By upvoting, ideas came on our radar and we’ve realized quite some of them. We are moving the Idea Pool to our […]

Automated web shop testing with WebdriverIO

We’ve recently migrated our website to a new environment. While we were at it, we thought we could complement our simple uptime-Testing with some automated web shop testing, so that we can sleep at night knowing our site is OK. We’ve implemented some tests with WebdriverIO and thought we’d share the procedure, in case you’re looking for […]

Ghostlab 2 is here

We’re excited to announce that Ghostlab 2 is now available! Let us give you a quick tour of what’s new, and what’s the same. As in version one, Ghostlab 2 focuses on helping you making responsive and multi-device testing much faster and more convenient. It lets you browse any site you’re interested in, keeping any […]

Efficiency Rethought: Meet Matthias the Ghostlab Architect

A new kind of efficiency: how we work One of our most important values at Vanamco is the focus on improving efficiency and workflow. So it makes sense that our Ghostlab browser testing app is designed to do just that. By enabling seamless testing across all devices simultaneously, Ghostlab reduces avoidable workloads and frees up […]

Responsive Design: Envato Browser Testing Case Study

Jordan Lewis (@jordanlewiz) is a frontend developer working for Envato on the Marketplaces team as delivery lead on the Purchase team. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Envato is an online company with an ecosystem of sites and services to help people get creative. On our Marketplaces thousands of people earn a living selling things like WordPress […]

Browser testing made easy: Meet the Ghostlab team

Often when we first meet people our topic of conversation is what they do for a living. Our lives are centered around how we earn our living and at Vanamco we have an interesting dynamic: we created a browser testing application designed to make developers lives easier and save businesses money. Behind this is our team […]