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Preprocessors Preprocessors compile your Sass, Jade and Typescript projects (and some more) into browser-ready CSS, HTML and JavaScript. They can be enabled for projects that you serve locally from your file system. Apart form the preprocessors proper, there is the option to run Autoprefixing on your compiled CSS (if you check the Autoprefixer, it will […]

Clients: Overview and Inspection

Clients: Overview and Inspection Ghostlab lets you test your site on any client you have available – be it one of your web browser, your tablets and smartphones, or your network-connected TV set. Client overview In order to connect to Ghostlab, clients must be in the same local network as Ghostlab. Any client that is […]

Problems launching browsers / browsers not appearing in list (Windows)

Problems launching browsers / browsers not appearing in list (Windows) If Ghostlab tells you that it cannot launch a browser application, and this is most likely due to registry problems, here’s what’s happening. Ghostlab checks your system for installed browsers, and lets you open any running site with them. On Windows, we check the registry […]

Login/authentication problems

Login/authentication problems If you are facing problems with logins (e.g., the session isn’t persistent and you get logged out again, the login doesn’t work at all), here are some tips to try to get it working: Increase the JavaScript rewriting level step by step and check if the login works with a setting; Turn off […]

My typekit fonts don’t work!

My typekit fonts don’t work! What to do? Typekit fonts are registered for certain domains – e.g. myawesomesite.net, or localhost, or several. When you view a page via Ghostlab, you receive it from the Ghostlab server – which runs at your local IP address, e.g. When the page then tries to load the font, […]

JavaScript Rewriting

JavaScript Rewriting In Ghostlab 2.1.0, we introduced a new JavaScript rewriting engine. It lets you fine-tune how Ghostlab handles your JavaScript code. Hey, I’m not that technical! If you don’t want to get into the technical details of JavaScript rewriting, here’s a fast track to explain when this setting is relevant.In short, it may be […]

Connection Problems

Connection Problems Make sure that you entered Ghostlab’s server address correctly, e.g., by scanning the QR code  which opens when you click the small blue button at bottom right (see screenshot). If you entered the address manually, make sure that you didn’t forget the port number. Make sure that your computer and your mobile device […]

Ghostlab inside a Virtual Machine

Ghostlab inside a Virtual Machine This article briefly describes how to get started with Ghostlab running in a Windows 7 virtual machine using VirtualBox. Note that the essential part is the network setup, and this applies to any virtual machine setup (both in terms of the virtualization software and the host OS). So, we have […]