Ghostlab 3 is here

We’re excited to announce that Ghostlab 3 is now available! We’ve been working on it for the past year, and are happy to present you with some features we find to be really useful. As before, Ghostlab 3 focuses on making your responsive, multi-client development and testing workflow more efficient and fun. You can simultaneously […]

Idea pool: your input, our challenge

For three years, our development of Ghostlab has been accompanied by our “Idea Pool” – an interactive feedback forum hosted on Uservoice that allowed everyone to post their ideas for future Ghostlab developments. By upvoting, ideas came on our radar and we’ve realized quite some of them. We are moving the Idea Pool to our […]

Automated web shop testing with WebdriverIO

We’ve recently migrated our website to a new environment. While we were at it, we thought we could complement our simple uptime-Testing with some automated web shop testing, so that we can sleep at night knowing our site is OK. We’ve implemented some tests with WebdriverIO and thought we’d share the procedure, in case you’re looking for […]

Ghostlab 2 is here

We’re excited to announce that Ghostlab 2 is now available! Let us give you a quick tour of what’s new, and what’s the same. As in version one, Ghostlab 2 focuses on helping you making responsive and multi-device testing much faster and more convenient. It lets you browse any site you’re interested in, keeping any […]

Inside Ghostlab Podcast

This month Andi (one of the brains behind Ghostlab App) got the chance to be a guest on podcast. He talks about what we do at Vanamco, coming into web design from a industrial design background, Ghostlab App and the open source wrapper Zephyros we use for it and all thing responsive. Enjoy     Your browser does not […]

IndexedDB fundamentals – Plus a indexeddb example – tutorial

IndexedDB is a relatively fresh NOSQL database implemented in modern browsers. In this blog post I’m going to show you how to perform some basic operations with it. The tutorial has been optimised for use with Google’s latest Chrome browser. In Chrome’s developer tools, IndexedDB can be found in the Resources tab. For the moment, […]

I love my team – Convince your boss to buy the Device Lab

One of our biggest client sectors are agencies, they kitting out in-house developers with our complete testing solution called the Agency package. Even though they sell well and the package suites the agencies, developers working for these agencies keep asking us for a little help to convince the boss that they need this tool. Below are only a few reasons why you need […]

Responsive web design tutorial – infographic – 8 reasons to use responsive web design

Responsive web design tutorial – infographic – 8 reasons to use responsive web design

Javascript Quiz. And the winner is…

We have recently collaborated with Chris Coyier from, and designed a Javascript quiz that challenged hundreds of developer to compete with each other in order to win a free Ghostlab license. Of all the entries we are proud to say that the winner is…. Sérgio Lopes! Let’s congratualate Sérgio for getting all the questions […]

Web Design Inspiration – Collective #4

A collection of discoveries from the web design & web development community, curated by the Vanamco team. Enjoy it!