Web Design Inspiration – Collective #3

  A collection of discoveries from the web design & web development community, curated by the Vanamco team. Enjoy it! 1) Web Design Inspiration Take your pulse Great and modern way to present a product in a very interactive way, find out yourself! 2) Development Bootmetro Bootmetro is a new metro style web framework. Try it […]

DeviceLab workstations

We love our community! Take a look at the following workstations sent by our favorite customers and partners. It makes us happy to know you guys are rocking the world and we are proud to work with you. If you use Device Lab and Ghostlab, we would love to see how your workstation looks like […]

Web Design Inspiration – Collective #2

A collection of discoveries from the web design & web development community, curated by the Vanamco team. Enjoy our second collection! 1) Web Design Inspiration Socialist A beautiful and minimal website for the news socialist app. Organize the things you love. 2) Development Free Responsive Dashboard SVG pattern background, packed in a single CSS/SCSS file, yes […]

Javascript Quiz – Win a FREE Ghostlab License

  We recently worked with Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks.com to create an in-depth tutorial on Javascript Events! To further test your knowledge of Javascript we put together a quiz with two awesome prizes! The quiz for a Ghostlab licence is now closed. Two winners were chosen to win a free Ghostlab license and one winner was chosen […]

CSS Transition Tips

CSS Transition Intro   The transition property is a shorthand property used to represent up to four transition-related longhand properties. [css] .example { transition: [transition-property] [transition-duration] [transition-timing-function] [transition-delay]; } [/css] These transition properties make it possible to change element values over a specified duration, animating the property changes, rather than having them occur instantly. Here […]

Ghostlab & Unic browser testing, behind the scenes

We are proud to work with Unic It is always great to know a client is happy using our products to do browser testing, and Unic is a very special one. Using Ghostlab has made the iteration between Unic front-end engineers and designers more efficient and to prove that, the guys at Unic created a great video […]

Efficiency Rethought: Meet Matthias the Ghostlab Architect

A new kind of efficiency: how we work One of our most important values at Vanamco is the focus on improving efficiency and workflow. So it makes sense that our Ghostlab browser testing app is designed to do just that. By enabling seamless testing across all devices simultaneously, Ghostlab reduces avoidable workloads and frees up […]

Chris Harris is the winner of the Geek Quiz!

Chris Harris will be rewarded with a FREE Ghostlab license. Well done Chris, you have completed the Geek quiz and got all the answers correct. Here is a bit more about him: “I am a musician (most recently of Destroyer (http://www.mergerecords.com/destroyer)) and student in the Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) program at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, […]

Front End Developer Infographic – The Life Of A…

Who is a front end developer? What tools do they use? What skills do they need? Discover what it takes to become a successful front end developer with our new infographic “<The life of a front end developer/>” If you know somebody who can benefit from this infographic, someone who wants to become a developer […]

How to Proxy Requests in node.js

Recently we received quite a few requests from people wanting to use Ghostlab for their website and webapp testing from behind corporate proxies. Unfortunately, as Ghostlab’s server component is built on node.js and the HTTP client in node.js assumes that a direct connection to the Web can be made (i.e., node.js ignores the system’s proxy […]