Idea pool: your input, our challenge

For three years, our development of Ghostlab has been accompanied by our “Idea Pool” – an interactive feedback forum hosted on Uservoice that allowed everyone to post their ideas for future Ghostlab developments. By upvoting, ideas came on our radar and we’ve realized quite some of them.

We are moving the Idea Pool to our own infrastructure, and are looking to improve it’s features. This is why currently, we have paused the idea pool. But do not worry: we are working on getting it back in greater shape as soon as possible!

During the transition, we thought it would be cool to briefly think about the impact of the Idea Pool. First, let’s have a look at all the ideas we have implemented thanks to our users suggesting and voting them up. Note that as long as ideas are good, they don’t necessarily need a big number of votes…

Completed FeaturesVotesContributing User
Windows/PC Version314Anonymous
Synchronize JS event clicks47Luis Martins
Mouse to touch synchronization34darren
Add Master/Slave mode18Simon Bächler
Soft CSS refreshes13Luis Martins
Include VM name in browser list7Alan
Support SASS compilation6Asif Amin
Allow remote IE inspection5Yann
Add full screen mode2Anonymous
Add custom quick fill shortcuts2Anonymous

Of course, we haven’t been able to implement all the user ideas. But there are some that we are still working on. Currently, we’re actively developing a next major version, and the table below indicates some of the stuff we’re working on to bring out soon….

Feature we’re working onVotesContributing User
Ubuntu/Debian Version300Jeremy “Jay” Zahner
Taking screenshots of device’s viewports in Ghostlab167Guillem Mazarico
Add HTTPS support to Ghostlab server32Maarten Manders

In essence, we want to say a big *thank you* to all of you who have contributed to our idea pool. It has inspired our development, and we are looking forward to continue the conversation to improve our software. The new idea pool will be online soon – and if, in the meantime, you have a brilliant idea that can’t wait, let us know via our contact form!

Javascript Quiz. And the winner is…

We have recently collaborated with Chris Coyier from, and designed a Javascript quiz that challenged hundreds of developer to compete with each other in order to win a free Ghostlab license.

Of all the entries we are proud to say that the winner is….

Sérgio Lopes!

Let’s congratualate Sérgio for getting all the questions right and who has been awarded with a free Ghostlab license.

We wish great success to Sérgio and to all the other developers who participated. Keep up the great work guys and keep being awesome.

In a short interview we were happy to get to know Sérgio a bit more and we want to share it with you too.

Tell us a bit about your career

I’m a Brazilian programmer focused on Front-end development. My career started 15 years ago and my first coding was in HTML. After that, came PHP and Java (at that time, if you want to be a “real programmer” you needed to focus on Back-end). With the advent of HTML5 and Front-end getting more attention, I refocused my career. Nowadays, I’m very passionate about HTML, CSS and JavaScript, specially mobile challenges, responsive web design and front-end performance.

What’s the future of responsive web design?

I strongly believe in responsive web design to solve the problems this new multi device world imposes. Some argue that a specific mobile experience is better than RWD. The problem today is now to define “mobile”. We have a wide range of devices and there are no clear lines to define device categories. If you try to draw this line, you will get it wrong and maybe exclude a lot of devices. I believe RWD (and its evolutions) is the only solution to target so many devices today and in the future.

What are the top 3 most referred resources or books you recommend to people?

My list is a very unstable one. I change it a lot. Today, I would recommend Mobile-first by Luke Wroblewski, High Performance Browser Networking by Ilya Grigorik and The Mobile Book by Smashing Magazine. I also recommend my book The Mobile Web, programming for a multi device world, which was initially release in Portuguese in Brazil and now is also available in English.

What are your 80/20 principles in business and life?

I think you should spend your time with things you are passionate about, that make you a better person. Both in business and life. Those moments should be at least 80% of your life.

What do you recommend to do if somebody wants to begin a career in front-end development?

To code a lot. You will only be good at this if you write a lot of code. You should study and read a lot of course, but I think practice is the most important factor.

What are your tools of choice, software?

A Mac with Sublime Text and Chrome Canary represents 90% of my time working. Other important softwares in my workflow include Pixelmator, ImageOptim, ImageAlpha and JPEGmini. For task automation I’m a huge grunt fan.

Who are your mentors & the people you admire in the industry?

My mentors are all the people that work in Caelum, where I work. I started here 10 years ago as an intern and learned a lot from everybody here since then. And I admire many people in our fantastic industry. To name a few: Brad Frost, Ilya Grigorik, Peter-Paul Koch, Luke Wroblewski.

What blogs do you read?

I read too many blogs (currently 250 feeds on my feedly account!). A few ones I read as soon as the author publishes something new. I love QuirksBlog, PerfPlanet (which aggregates great blogs about performance), MobileXWeb, Dev.Opera, HTML5Rocksgetblog, igvita, insouciant, A List Apart.

What are your long term personal and business plan?

I intend to work in my current company for many years to come. We are a education company in Brazil with programming training (I teach front-end and mobile), online classes and a book publisher. My plan is to help the company grow to new areas and continue improving IT education in Brazil. Personally, I will keep focusing on Web development. I love to write and want to write other books (already have published 3 books in Portuguese and 1 in English).

We want to thank Sèrgio again and everybody who took part of the Javascript quiz.

If you would like to connect with Sérgio you can find him here:



Stay tuned for the next challenge.

The Vanamco team.


Javascript Quiz – Win a FREE Ghostlab License


We recently worked with Chris Coyier at to create an in-depth tutorial on Javascript Events!

To further test your knowledge of Javascript we put together a quiz with two awesome prizes!

The quiz for a Ghostlab licence is now closed.

Two winners were chosen to win a free Ghostlab license and one winner was chosen for an upcoming blog interview:

1st place: Sergio Lopes

2nd place: Mark Nicholson

Front End Developer Infographic – The Life Of A…

Who is a front end developer? What tools do they use? What skills do they need?

Discover what it takes to become a successful front end developer with our new infographic “<The life of a front end developer/>”

If you know somebody who can benefit from this infographic, someone who wants to become a developer perhaps, please share it with them. Thanks.

All the best in your career.

The Vanamco team.