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Organize your devices for responsive and mobile app testing

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The Device Lab responsive stand
makes your desk tidy
so you can work better, and in style

Increase Productivity

If you’re serious about responsive, there’s no way around working with real devices. And if you want to make sure that your devices are readily available at all times, the Device Lab is your solution.

Adjust and customize

Devices are attached with Velcro™ hook and loop. You can place almost any device shape, and any combination of devices you require. You can set up the stand in portrait, landscape and laid-back mode.

Enjoy the Eye Candy

The responsive stand comes in stylish jet black and stands proud in any office. It has a small desktop footprint and has a soft look and feel. And of course, it’s a handy and iconic companion in any client meeting.

See how the Device Lab helps companies create better websites

Unic, a leading European provider of integrated e-business solutions, was our launch customer for the Device Lab Responsive Stand. While they were building a pioneer Device Lab in their Zurich office (see here), our product was fresh out of production, and it was a match.

Watch the video to learn more about how the Device Lab helps Unic in achieving their business goals, delivering awesome solutions to their customers.

Product and Shipping

What’s included in the Device Lab?

The package include the stand itself (plastic stand with detachable legs, metal front plate with velcro surface), a set of velcro strips to attach to your devices so they adhere to the stand, as well as spare magnets (the magnets hold the metal plate on the stand) and operating instructions.

Neither phone charging cables, a charger, nor any phones are included.

The Device Lab Pro and the Agency Package also include licenses for our software Ghostlab (1 license for the Device Lab Pro, 5 licenses for the Agency Package).

What do the indicated prices include?

The prices indicated in the shop do not include sales taxes, import taxes and shipping. Once you enter a shipping destination, the shipping rate will be automatically determined and added to your order total. The exception to the rule are customers from Switzerland, for which the Swiss sales tax (MWSt, 8%) is applied to the order total and displayed in the shop.

When do you ship?

We ship out orders every weekday. Orders that arrive until 11:00 AM our time (CET) on a working day (Monday through Friday) will be sent out the same day, orders that arrive later will be sent out the next working day.

When will my shipment arrive?

The duration of the shipment depends on your location. We are shipping out the items with DHL express service, and they should arrive within 2-4 days inside Europe, and at most after 7 days worldwide.

What countries do you ship to?

During the checkout process, you can choose an available country for shipping. Due to our logistics setup, we currently do not support shipping to every country in the world. If your country is not on the list, feel free to get in touch, and we will see to it that we can organize a shipment for you!

Note that shipping rates vary from country to country. If you order the Agency package or place an order that is of equivalent or higher total value, you get free shipping. Extra cost could be added for remote delivery areas.

What is the best way for entering shipping information?

Please make sure the following information is entered correctly:

1. Your billing address must match the address that appears on your monthly credit card or bank statement. Be sure to check your statement for accuracy.

2. Leave fields blank if they don’t apply to your shipping or billing address. Do not enter “N/A,” “Not applicable,” “None,” “Same,” etc.

3. Enter information in the appropriate fields. For example, do not enter city and state information in the “Address Line 2” field; use the provided city and state fields instead.

4. To make sure your shipment can be handled most efficiently, please make sure to only use latin characters, preferably without special characters (Umlaut, diacritics, etc.) for the shipping address. Our shipping partner does not fully support the processing of non-latin alphabets, and using such alphabets may result in delayed shipping.

5. Do not enter shipping or delivery instructions in any of the address fields. You can enter a shipping address differing from the billing address and you have an opportunity to specify shipping instructions in your ‘cart’ before you check out. If you would like to confirm special requests, please contact us at

When do I get my Ghostlab licence?

If you have purchased the Device Lab Pro or Agency package you will receive your Ghostlab licence within 24 hours. Between 9.00-18.00 CET the average delivery time is under 20 minutes.

Device-Lab FAQ

Why did we build it?

With various mobile clients becoming ever more popular and predominant on the user side of the web, cross-device testing has seamlessly taken over the lead from cross-browser (read: IE) testing. While making sure a client project would work well across various devices back in summer 2012, our office orderliness suffered yet another setback when we introduced numerous mobile clients into our daily work routine. When looking for a solution that would put and end to that mess, we discovered that others were having the same issue – and apparently, there was no solution available.

While prototyping and improving our own solution, we received lots of positive feedback from the development community and devided we’d give it a shot and provide an industry-produced, readily available solution – our own responsive stand for the world, the Device Lab. Well – here it is. Check it out and see if it is right for you!

Is there a special offering for Open Device Labs?

We are strong supporters of the idea of Open Device Labs, and are keen to provide them with an attractive offer that respects their non-commercial background. We do not have an out-of-the-box offer for ODLs, since we imagine that depending on their setup and size, they have different requirements. If you are an acknowledged Open Device Lab (i.e. you are “on the map” at, please do get in touch and tell us what your needs are.

How do I setup and use the Device Lab?

Please have a look at the Devicelab Owner’s Manual

If you need more help contact Feedback & Support.

How do I best apply the Velcro strips to my devices?

In order to maximize the performance of the Velcro on your devices, please make sure that you clean the device surface before the Velcro application. Also, we have made the experience that it is best if the Velcro has room temperature – if it is too cold, the glue won’t stick as well and the result will be a poorer adhesiveness.

How do I remove my devices from the stand?

Grasp the stand firmly with one of your hands, making sure it will stay still when you apply a force perpendicular to its surface. Then, grab the device you want to remove and start pulling it away from the surface on one side. Once it starts to come off the surface, keep applying the pressure and gently remove it.

What charger should I use for my devices?

We recomend the Anker® 40W 5-Port High Speed USB Charger. Our clients have allot of sucsess with this USB charger.

For a cheap and handily available alternative, check out IKEA’s KOPPLA charger with a pretty small form factor.

How can we organize the cables in the Device Lab ?

We recomend the Cablox Mini Cord & Cable Organizer This is the end result with the charger Anker® USB Charger and the Cablox Cable Organizer – have a look at some Device Lab workstations on our blog!

How can I take my Device Lab to presentations safely?

You’ve got your Device Lab nicely filled with the latest and greatest phones and tablets, and want to take it with you for a client presentation? If you want to arrive in style and with all devices still attached to the stand, you’ll have to put in some DIY work…but don’t worry, the smart guys at Marxup have come up with a beautiful solution: they went ahead and bought a PeakTech suitcase and made it into this awesome Device Lab transporter – thanks Markus for sharing that with us!

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