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Advanced Network Configuration

You can connect any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to Ghostlab as long as it is in the same network as the Ghostlab server. To connect a device, simply enter the URL under which the Ghostlab server is running (e.g. and open the page.

When you are running Ghostlab in your network, having the right setup is crucial. It is important that:

  1. The computer running the Ghostlab server is on the same network as the other devices wanting to access it
  2. Ghostlab actually uses the right interface in case you are connected to multiple networks

So first, let’s have a look at your network configuration. Our computer running Ghostlab is connected to two networks. First, via cable and the Ethernet adapter. From this interface, it obtains the IP address


The second network our computer is connected to is the wireless network. From the Wi-Fi adapter, it obtains the IP address


It is important to note that theses two adapters are part of two different networks. If, for example, you have an iPhone connected to your Wi-Fi network, then it will only be able to reach your computer via its Wi-Fi interface – not its Ethernet interface. But more of this later.

Now, let’s have a look at our Ghostlab server configuration. In the server settings (available through the Ghostlab preferences), you can change the settings for the ports used by Ghostlab, as well as for the network interface that Ghostlab uses (“Network IP”). The following screenshot shows this configuration section.


If you choose the automatic setting (which is the default), Ghostlab chooses whatever IP address it finds most suitable, typically the first local network address it encounters. If, however, you choose to select the IP manually, you can choose from all the network interfaces that your computer has. The following screenshot shows this.


Now, if in our scenario, we want to connect devices that are on the Wi-Fi, then Ghostlab must run using this network interface (Wi-Fi, IP If, however, you want to access Ghostlab from another computer that is in the same wired network as your computer running Ghostlab, you have to choose the Ethernet network interface (, from one day to another, you have trouble running Ghostlab, it may be that this is caused by changed network settings. To make sure that your setup is setup correctly, make sure that your configuration is similar to the one above – meaning, that the Ghostlab server and the devices are in the same network, and that Ghostlab actually runs on the appropriate interface.

If you are using a smartphone and do not want to type in the URL by hand, you can use the barcode included in Ghostlab to conveniently open the URL on your mobile device. While the Ghostlab server is running, simply click the status information with the barcode icon in the bottom right area of Ghostlab. The barcode with the correct URL will then pop up for you to capture.

Note that when connecting many devices, you should make sure your WiFi network is strong enough to allow speedy communication.

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