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You can connect any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to Ghostlab as long as it is in the same network as the Ghostlab server. To connect a device, simply enter the URL under which the Ghostlab server is running (e.g. and open the page.

If you are using a smartphone and do not want to type in the URL by hand, you can use the barcode included in Ghostlab to conveniently open the URL on your mobile device. While the Ghostlab server is running, simply click the status information with the barcode icon in the bottom right area of Ghostlab. The barcode with the correct URL will then pop up for you to capture.

Note that Ghostlab always runs on one of your local IP addresses. When you are sharing devices for testing and do not have a dedicated fixed-IP testing machine, this means that the devices will have to connect to different IP addresses whenever someone else is testing. We’ve introduced a bookmarking service to make this more convenient.

When you enable the bookmarking service via the settings, you’ll be able to create one or many bookmark items on our service portal. A bookmark item is nothing but a fixed URL (e.g. http://302.pm/abcdef) that points to your local Ghostlab server URL (e.g. Whenever you start the Ghostlab server, it will update the bookmark item with its current local URL. So when you’re working in a team, create a bookmark item that you can share and add that bookmark to your shared devices. When a developer starts up Ghostlab for testing, the bookmark will be updated to the actual IP, and the bookmarks on the devices will be pointed to the correct Ghostlab server.

Note that when connecting many devices, you should make sure your WiFi network is strong enough to allow speedy communication.

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