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You can connect any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to Ghostlab as long as it is in the same network as the Ghostlab server.

To connect a device, simply enter the URL under which the Ghostlab server is running (e.g. and open the page. Apart from the IP:Port URL on which Ghostlab is running, you can also connect using a xip.io URL, or our 302.pm Bookmarking service. The various URLs are available as a dropdown while the site is running, see the image below. Note that when connecting many devices, you should make sure your WiFi network is strong enough to allow speedy communication.

To make it easier to connect mobile devices (your computers IP may change, so you don’t want to keep typing in the Ghostlab URL on the mobile devices), we’ve created the 302 bookmarking service – read more about it here.

Are you having trouble connecting your devices to Ghostlab? Have a look at our article Connection Problems.

If you want to go into more details about network configuration and Ghostlab, read our article Advanced Network Configuration.

URLs via which you can connect to your Ghostlab server.

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