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Connection Problems

  • Make sure that you entered Ghostlab’s server address correctly, e.g., by scanning the QR code  which opens when you click the small blue button at bottom right (see screenshot).
    If you entered the address manually, make sure that you didn’t forget the port number.


  • Make sure that your computer and your mobile device are in the same WiFi network.
    If your computer is connect to the network via an ethernet cable, the LAN and the WiFi must be the same network.
  • If your computer is in multiple networks (e.g., WiFi and wired), make sure that Ghostlab picks the IP address belonging to your computer’s WiFi network adapter.
    If it’s the wrong one, you can change it in Ghostlab’s Preferences (search for “network ip”). If you’re not sure, untick “select automatically” and check if you see more than one network IP addresses in Ghostlab’s Preferences which are not and If there are more than one, try if it works for each one (you don’t need to try and, those won’t work).


  • If it still doesn’t work, make sure that Ghostlab is allowed to access your network. You might have to grant Ghostlab access in your firewall settings (if you denied it access when it was first started).
    If your firewall blocks ports, make sure that the ports used by Ghostlab aren’t blocked. By default, Ghostlab picks ports automatically, but you can set them manually in the Preferences (search for “port”).
  • Also, make sure that the browsers on the devices accept cookies.

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