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Fast-track support tips

We need good information to be able to help you effectively. Most problems can be fixed with simple settings or adaptions to the network connection.

Please, include one or more of the following in your support ticket:

  • A detailed description of the problem and the desired result.
  • The live site URL so we can debug.
  • One or several screenshot(s) documenting the error(s)
  • Send any errors in the developer tools.
  • The Console log of Ghostlab (see below for how to obtain it)


Obtaining the console output of Ghostlab on Mac

  1. Open Ghostlab app
  2. Search for the “Console” app
  3. Filter using the keyword “Ghostlab”
  4. Press the start button  “>”  in Ghostlab.
  5. Copy the output and send it.

Video here: http://youtu.be/6PjvIWyCOc0


Obtaining the console output of Ghostlab on Windows

On Windows, Ghostlab writes its own logfile. It is located in %AppData%\Vanamco\Ghostlab\debug.log.

You can include this file in your support ticket.

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