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Ghostlab 1 Release history

Release history

Use the in-app updater to get the latest version, or download at the Ghostlab website.

1.2.10 | 03.09.2015

  • Improved URL rewriting
  • Improved support for HTTPS
  • Improved support for cookies with paths
  • Improved client script injection by analyzing content when no MIME type is given
  • Fixed workspace window problem in Chrome

1.2.9 | 29.10.2014

  • Fixed fileserver URI decoding issue
  • Fixed bug that prevented Chrome on iOS to connect to Ghostlab
  • Prevent app nap while file watching (OS X only)
  • Improved soft CSS and image refresh for file watching
  • Improved support for XHR requests
  • Improved finding position for Ghostlab client script injection
  • Improved form submission
  • Improved support for IE9
  • Improved folder drag and drop support (OS X only)

1.2.8 | 02.09.2014

  • Added support for limiting number of outgoing HTTP connections
  • Added MIME type for .htc files when serving local sites
  • Fixed XHR URL rewriting bug for Safari
  • Improved IE8 compatibility

1.2.7 | 27.06.2014

  • Added support for using a proxy to connect to the Internet
  • Added automatic form filling
  • Added support for sites using websockets
  • Added support for html5-type charset declaration
  • Ghostlab client code now loads from separate script file
  • Improved URL rewriting on redirects and xhr requests
  • Improved support for IE8
  • Improved behavior when a server process is killed
  • Fixed bug involving iframes when saving workspaces
  • Fixed bug in local favicon display
  • Fixed visual bug when adding HTTP authentication header
  • Added the Xbox icon (for the Xbox)

1.2.6 | 04.06.2014

  • Added support for synching events in iFrames
  • Added support for identical cookie name in different paths
  • Added override for content security settings
  • Improved xip.io compatibility
  • Improved redrawing after CSS reloading for Chrome and Opera
  • Improved reloading behavior on form submit
  • Fix for HTML partials
  • Fixed bug in external content loading
  • Fixed bug causing slave clients to propagate reloads
  • Fixed bug in inspection of iOS devices
  • Made app startup look nicer…

1.2.5 | 29.04.2014

  • Introduced Presentation mode (master/slave roles)
  • Only reload files on content change
  • Added site context menu
  • More fine-grained control for adding/replacing HTTP headers
  • Improved cookie handling
  • Improved window position restore for multiple screens
  • Improved URL rewriting for AJAX calls
  • Improved scrolling behavior
  • Improved support for AngularJS
  • Added support for PHP ≥ 5.4 built-in server / Lavarel
  • Fixed drive letter bug (windows only)
  • Fixed file watching issues
  • Fixed site settings bug for random query parameters

1.2.4 | 31.03.2014

  • Fixed file watching (was only reloading first files in batch)
  • Fixed scrolling bug (scroll of death)
  • Fixed crash on startup when no httpHeaders in defaults
  • Fixed IE8 compatibility
  • Fixed display problem with Debugger browser
  • Fixed double slashes on redirects
  • Improved page loading speed
  • Improved scrolling
  • Improved compatibility with grunticon
  • Improved favicons on Mac (now also supports .ico)
  • Added device keep-awake function (Android ≥ 4, iOS)
  • Start Ghostlab on ports < 1024 on Windows
  • Added startup path setting
  • Added document-relative scrolling option (to be completed)
  • Completed localization (native part: menus)

1.2.3 | 19.02.2014

  • Improved URL rewriting for external pages
  • Fixed bug for Android 2.x
  • Fixed bug for startup dialog
  • Fixed bug for starting server under certain circumstances

1.2.2 | 14.02.2014

  • Improved event propagation (touch, key, mouse)
  • Improved scrolling synchronization
  • CSS injection now in all browsers
  • Added support for protecting your Ghostlab server
  • Added features to the testing site
  • Added crashreporting
  • Slight redesign of the interface
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Added i18n support

1.2.1 | /dev/null?

1.2.0 | 12.12.2013

  • Initial release for windows

1.1.2 | 12.12.2013

  • Fixed problems causing the server to crash on certain sites
  • Fixed issue with request timeouts causing sites to load slowly


1.1.1 | 21.08.2013

  • Made inspector directly accessible from device list
  • Improved cookie support for authentication
  • Introduced support for self-signed certificates
  • Fixed an issue regarding virtual machine browser detection
  • Solved a problem with trailing slashes in site URLs
  • Add support to rewrite URLs in inline JavaScript
  • Masked the input for the HTTP headers password
  • Support drag and drop of URLs and folders to the Dock icon
  • Added support for caching cookies
  • Improved server redirect handling
  • Fixed an issue with IE8 clicks
  • Fixed an issue when Zepto.js was included

1.1.0 | 24.06.2013

  • Advanced URL rewriting
  • Random query parameters for resources to avoid browser caching
  • Editable quickfills
  • Improved support for browser navigation
  • Improved CSS loading for local web server
  • Fixed bug in quickfill propagation
  • Fixed bug in user agent detection (XBox, Opera)
  • Fixed bug in setting global HTTP Auth Headers
  • Fixed bug in our testing page

1.0.2 | 23.05.2013

  • Added support for configuring HTTP headers
  • Added HTTP Authentication configuration
  • Reload CSS on file change without reloading entire page (Chrome, Safari)
  • Fixed bug in HTTP header when using non-standard HTTP port
  • Made our built-in error page more beautiful

1.0.1 | 16.05.2013 

  • Added fullscreen mode
  • Added QR code for quick device URL configuration
  • Added a choice of browsers for debugging
  • Made server processes self-terminating on unclean exit
  • Fixed possibility of slow saving of workspace preferences Improved automatic refresh behaviour for projects with build processes
  • Browser right-click on links is no longer propagated
  • Fixed problem of multiple activations on some hosts
  • Completed change event propagation on forms
  • Added a help button to the GUI

1.0 | 02.05.2013

  • Initial release

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