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How do I run my PHP / Rails / * project with Ghostlab?

If you have a simple webpage consisting of HTML, CSS and Javascript, Ghostlab is able to serve it directly from a directory on your computer.

If you use a server-side scripting language, things look different. Ghostlab will not serve your site from its directory, but rather from the URL under which you run it on your localhost.

Let’s say you have a PHP site in /Users/myself/dev/mysite and you have an Apache/PHP server running at http://localhost:8000. To view this site through Ghostlab, simply add a new site entry for the URL http://localhost:8000. You can do this through the Add dialog, or by dragging the URL in your browser directly into Ghostlabs sitelist.

If you want your clients viewing the site through Ghostlab to automatically reload changes, you can even set a watch folder for sites that are served from another server. Simply edit the site settings accordingly.

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