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The sources tab of the inspector will only show JavaScript files if JavaScript debugging is turned on, so please make sure that you ticked the “Debug JavaScript” checkbox.

For performance reasons, some JavaScript files aren’t debuggable and won’t appear in the sources list or won’t allow you to set breakpoints. This is controlled by Ghostlab’s remote debugging black and white lists in the advanced section of the Preferences:

The “Blacklisted scripts” box contains a comma-separated list of names, which, when encountered in a file name, will cause the corresponding JavaScript file to be inaccessible to the debugger. E.g., if “jquery” is contained in the black list, the file “my-jquery-plugin.js” will be inaccessible because it contains the string “jquery.” If you still want your plugin to be debuggable (but not the entire jQuery library), add “my-jquery-plugin.js” to the white list.

Troubleshooting: Other Reasons Why Scripts Are Not Shown

  • Ghostlab supports redirects for scripts, but the content type must be set correctly:
    If you include a script with URL /a that points to /b, both /a and /b must have the content type “text/javascript” or “application/javascript”.

Still running into problems? Please get in touch with technical support.

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