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Are you having trouble activating your Ghostlab license? This article explains and solves the most common problems.

The license key is not valid. This means that at least one of the fields Full name, Organization, or License Key was not entered exactly as provided in the license E-mail. Most often, this happens because when copying the fields from the license E-mail, some whitespace is added. When copying the license key, make sure you don’t include any whitespace before or after it, and there is no linebreak within. Also, we have experienced that some users tried to enter a different name or organization that the one that was used on purchase – please note that this is not possible.

If you still can’t get it to work, please feel free to contact our technical support. Please include a screenshot of activation window showing the license data you entered to expedite the process.

You have activated this product too often. A ghostlab license entitles you to install Ghostlab on up to 2 computers. If you go beyond this limit, you will receive this message. You have two options: either, deactivate one of your Ghostlab installations (via About Ghostlab > Deactivate Ghostlab on this computer), which will decrease the activation count; or obtain an additional license.

No matching license found. If you get this error, it means that something has gone wrong in the license generation process, and we need to have a look at it. Please open a ticket to get this issue resolved. Sorry!

You need to upgrade your license. This means that you have tried to enter a license from an older major version of Ghostlab (e.g. tried to use a Ghostlab 2 license for Ghostlab 3). You need to upgrade your license – depending on when you have bought it, it will be a free or discounted upgrade, see our article Upgrade from Ghostlab 2 to 3

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