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Notes on Privacy

We are assuming that you value your privacy, and want to help you make sure it is respected they way you want to. Here’s how interacting with our products does, and does not affect your personal information.

  1. When you purchase one of our products, a purchase record is created and will remain in our database. We will only use this information to inform you about important stuff relating to the products you have purchased. We will not ever give this information to anyone, except if there is a valid court order form our place of jurisdiction (Zurich, Switzerland) telling us to do so.
  2. Ghostlab is a program that runs on your computer locally. When you start the server for any site, this site becomes available via a URL in your network. You have the option to require a password to access Ghostlab, in case you want to make sure no one but you can connect.
  3. Ghostlab does not store any of your site data, screenshots, etc. anywhere but on your local harddrive.
  4. There are three contexts in which Ghostlab connects to one of our servers: the activation process, the update mechanism, and the 302 bookmarking service.
    1. When you activate Ghostlab by entering your license information, it will connect to our license server and check if such a license is available and valid. If the license is valid, Ghostlab will be activated, and we will keep an activation record in our database. The activation record includes information about the MAC address of your primary network interface, as well as the license and the originating IP address.
    2. Ghostlab periodically checks for newer versions. For this, it downloads a small XML file from one of our servers. It then checks the information in this file to find out if there is a new version. In case a new version is available, it will ask you to download it – if you choose yes, Ghostlab will download the new version from one of our servers. When you download the XML file or the new version, Ghostlab does not send any installation-specific information to our server – the only thing visible to us is that there has been a request to the resource, and the originating IP (as with any other request to one of our servers). You can disable the checking for updates in the preferences.
    3. If you use the 302 Bookmarking service, you will need to first create an account on me.vanamco.com, which is free. Your account information will then be stored in our database (you can use any fantasy names you like – where you have to provide the real thing is the E-mail address, since we’re sending you login tokens there). Once you have your account, you create a 302 service point, and then use it in Ghostlab. While active, Ghostlab will connect to one of our servers every time you start the server, in order to update the 302 bookmark to your current IP address and port. This information is stored in one of our databases. We do not keep a log, so the database only stores the last IP/Port. The use of the 302 service is of course optional. When you delete a service point, its data is also deleted.

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