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Problems launching browsers / browsers not appearing in list (Windows)

If Ghostlab tells you that it cannot launch a browser application, and this is most likely due to registry problems, here’s what’s happening.

Ghostlab checks your system for installed browsers, and lets you open any running site with them. On Windows, we check the registry for installed browsers. If we find an entry, we rely on that entry to contain the executable of the browser, so we can launch it. Under some circumstances, these registry entries can become incomplete or corrupt. If that is the case, i.e. if they are missing the information about the browser executable, Ghostlab is unable to launch the browser in question and displays said warning.

If this happens in your installation, please check your registry to see if the respective browser entry is incomplete. Ghostlab checks for browsers in:


The executable should be specified in:

If you are unable to find the executable path in the expected location (shell\open\command), probably the easiest way is to uninstall the browser in question, make sure the registry is clean of it afterwards, and then simply reinstall it.

One exception is Vivaldi (https://vivaldi.com/); it doesn’t seem to add any entries to the registry.
Jörg Giencke kindly shared two registry files, to add and remove the respective registry entries. Thanks a lot, Jörg!
You can download them here:

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