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We’re happy that you are interested in becoming a Vanamco reseller!

This document guides you through the process of signing up for a reseller account, making orders through your reseller account and delivering the licenses to your customers.

When you become a reseller, you profit of a discount of 7%. This discount applies in addition to the quantity discounts available in the regular Vanamco store.



In order to become a reseller, please send an E-mail to service@vanamco.com stating your interest in becoming a reseller.

We will then get in touch and supply you with a reseller discount code that you can use in our store. You can place orders on behalf of your customers directly in our store. The billing and shipping/license information are separate, so you can provide the billing details of your company, but (if desired) the shipping information / license detail information of your customer.

Information regarding our old reseller portal

In case you’ve been a reseller for a while, you will have an account on our old Fastspring store. While this service will continue to operate, we encourage you to switch to our own store, as future improvements of reseller infrastructure will only be introduced there.

Please get in touch with us via email service@vanamco.com to let us help you transition to our new infrastructure.

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