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If you get an EACCES error, this means that Ghostlab’s server can’t access a resource that it would like to, typically a port.
Please make sure that Ghostlab can use the port numbers listed in Ghostlab’s Preferences (search for “port”).

  • If you are running security software (a firewall, antivirus software, etc.) that blocks ports, please make sure that the ports Ghostlab tries to use aren’t blocked or set the ports manually in Ghostlab’s Preferences.
  • On Windows: Using a port number lower than 1024 requires administrator privileges. To use such a port, you’ll need to start Ghostlab as administrator. (On Mac, Ghostlab doesn’t just uses the default port if you use a port number below 1024.)


The EPERM error means that Ghostlab doesn’t have the permission to access a specific resource.
Ghostlab v2.1.3 currently has a bug that can cause this error under certain circumstances. If you run into this, consider upgrading to Ghostlab 3 or feel free to download the nightly build of Ghostlab 2, which contains a fix:
MacWindows 32bitWindows 64bit


This error happens when Ghostlab didn’t receive a timely response from the remote server.
Make sure that

  • the remote server is reachable, e.g., by opening the URL in a browser (there might be a typo in the URL you entered into Ghostlab!),
  • Ghostlab’s proxy configuration is correct if you use a proxy to access the Web.

If that doesn’t help, please get in touch with the technical support and provide the URL you’re trying to access.


Some other error. Please get in touch with technical support providing

  • a detailed description when this error occurred (a step by step instruction to reproduce the error),
  • Ghostlab’s log file, which you can find in %APPDATA%\Vanamco\Ghostlab\debug.log on Windows and in the Console app on Mac (open the Console app, filter for “ghostlab” and then save the result to a file).

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