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Server Settings

Debugger Settings
This section allows you to configure the settings for the included remote inspection tool, Weinre. You can choose to activate or deactivate debugging alltogether, and assign the debugging interface a custom port if required. If you chose automatic port assignment, Ghostlab will simply start the debugger on a free port.

You can also chose which browser to use for opening up the remote inspector. Note that as of now, webkit-browsers are your preferred choice.


Server Port Settings
Use this section to chose which network interfaces and ports Ghostlab should bind to. If you choose to let Ghostlab handle these settings automatically, it will bind to the network interface it finds most suitable, selecting ports that are currently free to render its services. If you want to specify custom ports to which Ghostlab should bind to, you can do so here.


Security Settings
This section allows you to configure the security settings, if you wish to password protect the website from other users on the network simply add a username and password.


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