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A site is a place where Ghostlab serves content from. This can either be a folder on your harddisk that contains an HTML / CSS / JavaScript page, or any URL that points to your local development server (e.g. XAMP, MAMP) or a site in the Internet. The site list is a central component of the Ghostlab UI.

Adding and removing Sites
Use the + button to add a new site—or simply drag and drop a folder or a site from your browser into the site list. Use the button to enter a mode where you can remove sites from your site list.


Site Control
Every site has a set of control buttons and a context menu. The context menu can be accessed via a right-click on the site or via the bottom right part of the control button set.

When a site is not running, the control button allows you to start the site. This is indicated by the Play button.

When a site is running, you can use the green rocket-shape button to launch your default browser on the site. Use the red stop button to stop the server from running, and the black settings button to open the context menu.

1. Click the “play” button


2. Click the green “Launch” button, your site will open in the default browser


Opening Sites
Clicking the play button will open the site in the default browser. By right-clicking on the black context menu button, you can chose to open the site in any other browser installed on your system. In the bottom right area, you can see a small QR Code icon next to the Server running message. When you click it, a QR code will pop up. Use it to conveniently access the Ghostlab server URL on your devices through a QR code scanner.


Or over the context menu


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