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Sites: Serving Your Content Through Ghostlab

A site is a place where Ghostlab serves content from. This can either be a folder on your harddisk that contains an HTML / CSS / JavaScript page, or any URL that points to your local development server (e.g. XAMP, MAMP) or a site in the Internet. Ghostlab can connect to sites that are served via HTTP or HTTPS. The site list is a central component of the Ghostlab UI.

Adding and removing Sites

Use the + button to add a new site — or simply drag and drop a folder or a site from your browser into the site list. Use the – button to enter a mode where you can remove sites from your site list.
Site Control
Every site has a set of control buttons.When a site is not running, the control button allows you to start the site. This is indicated by the Play button.When a site is running, you can use the green rocket-shape button to launch your default browser on the site. Use the Stop button to stop the server from running, the 2D barcode icon to display a barcode of the current server URL for opening it on mobile devices, the Settings button to edit your sites settings and the Open in browser button that will pop up a list of locally installed browsers to open your site with.


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