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Sync Modes (Default, Presentation, Selective)

By default, Ghostlab synchronises events across all connected clients in both directions. At times, this may not be desired, and this is why Ghostlab lets you change the way in which events are synchronised.

  • In default mode, all events occurring on any connected client will be synchronised across all clients.
  • In presentation mode, only events on master devices are synchronised across connected clients. This is useful when e.g. you want to run a presentation on one device and don’t want the others to be able to interfere.
  • In selective sync mode, you can choose to exclude individual clients from synchronisation entirely (they will neither send their events, nor react to other clients’ events) by marking them as inactive. This is useful for doing selective testing with only some clients without having to disconnect the others.

You can set the synchronisation mode when the server is running. To do so, click the workspace icon just below the site icon in the client list. When you are in any but the default mode, the role of each client (e.g. presenter/viewer) will be indicated in the client list with the appropriate icon.



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