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Upgrade from Ghostlab 2 to 3

If you own a Ghostlab 2 license, this license is not valid for Ghostlab 3, as it is a major version upgrade. However, we offer a discounted upgrade for Ghostlab 2 license holders.

  • If you have purchased Ghostlab 2 on or after January 1st, 2017, you receive a free upgrade to version 3
  • If you have purchased Ghostlab 2 on or before December 31, 2016, you receive a 30% discount

A coupon code for either the free or discounted upgrade is available in our store for every Ghostlab 2 license. It can be used exactly once,  and for the number of licenses as the license count on the license.

All Ghostlab 2 license keys have been made into coupons into our store. When you enter it, you will receive your discount as per the rules above. You can enter your license key upper or lower case. Example: GAWAE-FDUJM-P4S2A-YL9HF-7754S-VDNPH-3UX8A-35RYC-CRSNS-UWDWW-636VX-C3HMX-A3GJU-6UH8K-5K8E


Don’t want to loose your sites and settings from Ghostlab 2? Use these migration instructions.

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