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If you connect mobile devices to Ghostlab and your computer IP changes, it’s a hassle to keep entering new Ghostlab server addresses – that’s why we’ve created a redirection service called 302.pm.

302.pm is a web service where you can obtain a unique URL for your Ghostlab instance – it looks something like http://302.pm/ABCDEF. This unique URL simply redirects to your Ghostlab server, so for example, to Every time the Ghostlab server starts, it updates the redirect to match the IP address and port it has just obtained.

Then use the unique URL from 302.pm as a bookmark on all of your devices. When you connect to Ghostlab using this bookmark, you will never have to worry about getting the right IP/Port, since the Ghostlab server has already updated that information for you.

To get started, log in to our Vanamco Portal (accounts are free, and uncomplicated to set up). You can create a new 302-URL there. Once you’ve set it up, you can import into Ghostlab with one click. When using the 302 service, Ghostlab will display the 302.pm Address as the primary address (you can see the secondary addresses when clicking on the address area).


Does having a bookmark on 302.pm mean anyone can connect to my Ghostlab?

Answer: No, definitely not! The 302.pm URL simply redirects to the IP address where Ghostlab is running. If it’s a private address, somebody from outside your network will not be able to connect (unless you have configured this explicitly in your firewall).

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