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Especially in more complex web applications you might come across situations in which the site fails to function correctly when loaded through Ghostlab, e.g., you get redirected to a wrong URL, a login doesn’t work, fonts don’t load as expected, the page “escapes” Ghostlab’s control and the interactions are no longer synchronized because of this.

Most of the time, Ghostlab has one magic remedy that can address and fix such issues: the JavaScript rewriting level slider in the site settings:

By default, no JavaScript rewriting is done (the default level is 1). If your site breaks in some way, try increasing the level to 2 and try again. If it still breaks, move the level up to 3, etc.

If you’re curious and would like to know what’s behind this magic, please have a look at this more technical article.

If JavaScript rewriting doesn’t do the trick, please feel free to contact technical support and provide the (publicly accessible) URL of the application you’re testing and a detailed description of the problem and when it occurs. We’ll be glad to look into the issue and figure out a solution.

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