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Workspace: Convenient Test Setup

Ghostlab includes the concept of the workspace. The workspace is a group of browser windows. You can quickly open up the browser windows defined as your workspace and get them to connect to Ghostlab. A default workspace with three browser windows (responsive sizing) is configured in Ghostlab. Important note: only browsers installed on your local system can be part of the workspace. And to allow Ghostlab to open the workspace, the browsers that are part of the workspace must allow pop-up windows (you can configure them to only allow it for your local server, so as not to make your journey in the web annoying!).


The workspace feature is available in the client list, next to the synchronization mode icon. When you click it, it will show you the options for the workspaces. You will first see the configuration of your current workspace. The actions you can perform are:

  • Open workspace. This will launch the browser configuration defined by your workspace and make them connect to the Ghostlab server
  • Save workspace. This will set your workspace as consisting of all the browsers currently connected to Ghostlab. We’ve noted that only locally installed browsers, but not remote devices can be part of the workspace. When the workspace options are showing, clients are marked with a green workspace icon if they are local and can thus be part of the workspace, with a red workspace icon otherwise
  • Reset workspace. This resets the workspace to the default value, that is, three windows of your default browser in a responsive configuration
  • Close windows. This closes all windows that you have opened using the Open workspace button. Note that it won’t close windows that were opened normally



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