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The Workspace lets you define a number of local browsers, including window size and positions, that you can open with one single click. If you no longer require the windows, you can also close them with one click.

For the Ghostlab 2 workspace documentation, see our legacy documentation.

Accessing the Workspace

Say from time to time, you want to launch a phone and tablet-sized browser window in each Firefox and Chrome (of course, we’re not saying we’re testing devices in browsers ;-). To configure that, navigate to the Workspaces. They’re located in the client list (so the server needs to be running with a site), and will show when you click on their icon.

You’ll initially see a list of three Chrome windows, Use the + icon to add new entries to the list, and the – icon on each line to remove an entry. Each entry can be configured in terms of which browser it starts a window of, its width and height, and the window position on the screen. Please note that the windows will open on the screen on which the program is already running – currently, it is not possible to specify the screen explicitly in a multi-screen setup.


Configuring and opening the Workspace

In our example, we configure two Chrome and two Firefox windows. Once you’ve set them up, click the Open Workspace icon on the top right. The windows will open up (in case you have blocked popups, they will display a message saying so – you need to enable popups to use the Workspace feature). You can now see your Workspace configuration on top, and the currently connected clients at the bottom of the client list. When you hover over either a workspace item or a connected client, it’s respective counterpart will be highlighted.



Reconfiguring and Closing the Workspace

You can change the window size and position configuration in two ways: either by entering or spinning the values in the Ghostlab interface, or by repositioning and resizing the windows you have opened as part of your workspace.

You can close any workspace windows via the Close windows icon.




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