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Workspaces: Convenient Test Setup

Ghostlab includes the concept of workspaces. A workspace is a group of browser windows. The workspace feature allows you to quickly open up the browser windows defined as your workspace and get them to connect to Ghostlab. A default workspace with three browser windows is configured in Ghostlab. Important note: to allow Ghostlab to open the workspace, the browsers that are part of the workspace must allow pop-up windows (you can configure them to only allow it for your local server, so as to not make your journey in the web annoying!).

Say you want to frequently test your site for small, medium and small screens. You would simply open three browser windows, size them accordingly, and connect them to the currently active Ghostlab site.

By using the option Set as workspace from the workspace context button on the top left, you can then save these windows as your workspace. At any later point, simply open up your workspace by choosing Open workspace from the workspace context button. The browser windows defined in your workspace will then appear and connect to your Ghostlab server (it must be running a site in order for this to work). You can close all the browser windows belonging to your workspace by choosing the Close workspace option. Note that you can only close browser windows that have been launched using the Open workspace option.


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